Lavender dreams

This is probably my dream hair color, except I'd wear it shorter and curly
All images above are from Pinterest

Hello lovelies! I've been reflecting about hair lately. I have waited for my hair to grow and as soon as it was actually long I decided to cut it, because I didn't like the way it looked on me, then recently I've been cutting my hair shorter and shorter, now I have a bob but since I don't think I have the right texture to get a pixie this is where I'll stop. However, cutting my hair doesn't seem to be doing it for me anymore, I don't even get excited when I get a new cut... So I decided my next step will be a dramatic color change, so maybe this way I'll become excited about my hair once again. 

But then comes the second part of my reflection: what color should I go for? I'm already a brunette so I feel like I should get out of my comfort zone and don't do browns or black. Then I'm left with blond and red for natural dye colors and an infinity of possibilities of fantasy colors. The truth is, I really want my hair to be a degrade of a dark purple on my roots to a light lavender on my ends. The problem here is that I fear once I go bold people won't hire me and I really want a job right now.

What's your opinion on this? Do people still get attached to such a superfluous thing as a hair color when it comes to hiring an employee? What do you think I should do?


Our Mountain

Abbey Lee Kershaw inspired

And it's done. I'm never 100% happy with my drawings but what can you do eh
I'll leave you to this lovely video of Abbey Lee and her uber cool band Our Mountain for the amazing Balmain.


#WCW Aline Weber

All images via @alineweber_real instagram
Hello lovelies! Today's wcw goes to this Brazilian blond babe: Aline Weber.


Shoe inspiraton

All images via The Coveteur
Hello lovelies! Today I woke up craving some shoe inspo. So here you go, the coolest closets and shoe decorated rooms directly from The Coveteur. This awesome website has got some pretty amazing interviews and pictures of some belongings of the interviewees, my favorite kind of interviews: fashion related ones.


#MCM Ian Somerhalder

All images via @iansomerhalder Instagram
Hello lovelies! Today I'll leave you to this gorgeous gentleman being adorable with his pets and with thematic Brazil add ons. Who is this good looking on every single instagram picture?
Since there are rumors he's no longer single, let's just admire *swoon*


Make the ordinary extraordinary

Images via Tumblr
Hello lovelies! It's Friday! Yay!
Since I'm on vacations, the only reason that this is actually a happy fact is because I get to see everyone that does work during the week.
So, my weekend plans aren't very elaborated but the people I spend this time with makes them unique and amazing. Cherish the special people in your life, cuz they make all the difference.


Work in progress

Abbey Lee Kershaw
Hello lovelies! Today I got you a sketch that I made inspired by Abbey Lee on 25 magazine and the video for the behind the scenes of this shoot. I was pretty excited when I watched it but I am a fashion enthusiast so it's not a big surprise. What do you think?